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What should you always have on hand?

A carpenter never leaves home without his hammer/nail gun and his nails. A handy man never leaves home without his tool box. Not only do they carry their necessities, but they also carry spare tools and extras just in case.

Whether you are a hobbyist or in the spray finishing profession you should also have spare parts and accessories on hand.

For some having an extra spray gun is a necessity.  Some prefer two of the same spray gun (2 siphon feed or 2 gravity spray guns).  Others prefer one of each. Whatever your preference, always remember that you should have extra wearable parts for these spray guns on hand at all times.

Wearable Parts:

Fuji Spray’s Cup Parts Kits is the extra accessory you need for any job…big or small. Combining a cup parts kit with a couple of extra “go to” accessories will give you that added comfort of knowing you have all you need in case an issue comes your way.

 Wearable Parts check list:

  • Pressure tubes with check valves
  • Gaskets
  • Diaphragms (For siphon feed spray guns)
  • Paint strainers (For siphon feed spray guns)
  • Filters for your turbine


#2039 2039-Cup-Parts-KitBottom Feed Cup Parts Kit:

3 each of the pressure tubes, cup gaskets and diaphragms. These are ‘wearable’ parts that you should have on hand.



#2030 400cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit  or #2060 600cc/1000cc  Gravity Cup Parts Kit:  

5 each of the long pressure tubes, including check valves and cup gaskets. These are ‘wearable’ parts that you should have on hand.



#5029 Q-Filter – Fits all Q3 & Q4 and newer PRO & GOLD Models.

#4009-2 Mini-Mite Filters – Fits the Mini-Mite, Semi PRO & Hobby PRO turbine cases.

9044-5 Paint Strainers 5pack for web

9044-5 Nylon Paint Strainer:

Available in a 5-pack. Fits at the end of the metal fluid tube.



Not everything lasts for a lifetime so always keep in mind that the parts listed above should be periodically cleaned or replaced.

Fuji Fact!

  • 90% of spray gun related  issues we deal with on a daily basis is all about maintenance and wearable parts.

Fuji Tips:

  • Simple daily maintenance should be done once you have finished spraying for the day.
  • A thorough cleaning (dis-assembly and assembly of the spray gun) should be done weekly or when you are ready to store your spray gun for an extended period of time.
  • Do an inspection of the pressure tube and check valve. Make sure that there is no material inside that could dry causing an obstruction to the air flow. If necessary, replace this wearable part and ensure that the nipple attachments to the pressure tube are always clean.

Every 5,000km you should bring your car in for an oil change in order for it to perform at its best. Do we ever argue that theory…No! Your spray gun should be treated the same way. Check it periodically!

Your Turn:

What are the “go to” items you never leave behind?

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