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To help you navigate better through our FUJI Parts and Accessories page please take a moment to look at our FUJI At A Glance Reference Sheets below.

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Gravity Feed Gun Holder Stand #5330

5330 Gravity Feed Gun Holder Stand web5530 Gun Stand with Gun web


This 2 piece Gravity Feed Gun Holder allows the user to fill the gravity
feed Spray Gun without assistance. Rest your Fuji Gravity Spray Gun
while you are refilling the cup or in-between coats. Will also fit other standard size center mounted gravity Spray Guns.
Please note that this is not compatible with the 9600-G and the 7002G Spray gun. It is also not compatible with other side-mounted spray guns.


Handy Gun Holder #7095

7095 Gun Holder


The same Handy gun holder that is used on our Turbines for your spray gun can be used as a bench mount gun holder.  You should be able to use this with any HVLP Turbine guns.  Just screw to any bench or shelf and easily rest your spray gun when not in use or when filling your cup.


2Qt. Pressure Pot Assembly Kit #5432-  Available March 10, 2015

5432 2Qt. Pressure Pot Assembly Kit for web

This Kit has everything you need to add additional material capacity using your 4-stage Fuji Spray HVLP System.


  • Twice as much material capacity than your bottom feed spray gun, and more than three times the capacity of your gravity feed spray gun.
  • Specially designed pot, lid, and adapter.
  • No need for bulky compressor. The Fuji Spray 4-stage turbine pressurizes the 2Qt. cup.
  • Ability to spray at any angle, including upside down.
  • Smaller profile to reach tight corners.

Please note: You will need both a standard 25ft hose plus a whip hose in order to us your Fuji Spray 2Qt. Pressure Pot.


Gravity Cup Conversion Kit #9960

Fuji Gravity Cup Conversion Kit
This conversion kit includes a U-Tube accessory to convert any Fuji Spray Gun Bottom Feed to a Gravity style. It can also be used with other spray guns. Includes 400cc Aluminum Gravity Cup, Stainless Steel U-Tube, Pressure Tube with Check Valve.

9730 3 oz cup w pressure tube T-Series for web

Mini 3ozs Gravity Cup #9730 for T-75G ONLY

Miniature 3ozs Gravity Cup is designed and built by Fuji Spray to meet the need for a small Touch-Up Gravity Cup for use in the Automotive field. This Cup can be used with the Fuji T-75G Gravity Spray Gun. Perfect for spraying smaller items or touch up. The 9730 model (as shown) is pressurized and comes with one 2024 Pressure Tube with Check Valve installed. Also available, the same 3ozs cup without pressurization – just a small bleeder hole on top. This is designed for use in Spray Tanning and similar applications. Both cups feature a screw-on lid with a rubber gasket.


PLEASE NOTE For side- mounted G-XPC, please refer to part #8080. #8080 is a mini 3oz Gravity Cup for side-mounted G-XPC Spray Gun ONLY

Mini 3-Cup Set #9080

Fuji Mini 3-Cup SetComplete 1/2pint (8ozs) Miniature Cup Assembly. Supplied with 2 Extra Cups and 3 Heavy-Duty lids equipped with Gaskets. This assembly is lightweight taking weight off the wrist. The small size allows access into confined areas such as cabinets, bookshelves etc. The Cup is pressurized so the spray pattern is always perfect. You will think of many uses for these Cups – storing paints and stains. It’s great for quick color changes. Any type of touch-up work. Guitar Makers and Auto Touchup are just 2 areas where this Cup Assembly is proving to be popular. if you are always spraying larger pieces such as kitchen cabinets, this cup set is too small for you – it would require too many fill ups to make it practical. Please note* this Cup Assembly can be used with the Fuji XPC Spray Gun as well as the New T-Series Spray.


Flexible Whip Hose #2049F

Fuji Flexible Whip Hose

Lightweight 6ft. Hose is highly flexible. Couplings are made from a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer. Takes weight off the wrist and the flexibility allows for effortless maneuverability of the spray gun. An added feature is that the air through the spray gun is not as hot (due to the fact the spray gun is now 6ft further from the Turbine). This often alleviates problems with fast drying lacquers (and Latex House Paint) drying too quickly. This Whip Hose features a smooth internal bore. Please note* this hose cannot be connected to the Turbine – it is an extension hose and must only be connected to the end of the standard 25ft Hose.


Extension Hose #7011

Fuji Extension HoseHeavy-duty 8ft. Extension Hose is added between the Turbine and the Main (25ft) Hose. This greater length results in much cooler air (approx. 20 degrees cooler) passing through the spray gun. This alleviates problems with fast drying lacquers and latex drying too quickly. No difference will be noticed in pressure or volume of air.

Caps for Cups # 9903-3

Fuji Caps for Cups
Set of 3 Plastic Lids will fit any Fuji 1qt (1000cc) cup. Handy for storing paints. Inexpensive.




AIRCAP SETS – COLOR CODED – Please note** the Air Cap Sets shown below can ONLY be used with the T-Series Spray Guns.

If you own the M-Model, please check the part numbers in your User Manual (7020 series).

If you own the XPC, please check the part numbers in your User Manual (8050 series).

If you own an older XT or GT-X, please check the part numbers in your User Manual (9001 series)

            Quick Reference Sheet     5100 Aircap set web

   Please review the Fuji Spray Quick Reference Sheet above to help you with your Air Cap Set selection.

5100-1 T-Series Air Cap Set 0.8mm – Orange

Fine (Finest) Output, Perfect for very fine work. Also good for small surfaces and thinner viscosity fluids. Shading stains/Inks, as well as touch-ups, zinc, dyes water-based finishes. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-2 T-Series Air Cap Set 1.0mm – Blue

Fine to Medium Output, Great for most fine finishing including water-based/borne coatings. Allows for thinner, wet coat to be applied. Automotive enamel and marine finishes. Nitrocellulose lacquers, sealer, cellulose acrylics, synthetics, polyurethane, stains, varnish, and primers. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-3 T-Series Air Cap Set 1.3mm – Silver

Medium Output, Similar to the #2 but with more coverage. Automotive enamel, airplane and marine finishes. Nitrocellulose lacquers, water-based finishes, varnish, urethanes, enamel, latex for louver doors, trims and cabinets, and oil based paints. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-4 T-Series Air Cap Set 1.5mm – Yellow

Medium Output, Similar to the #3 but requires less thinning. Automotive enamel, airplane and marine finishes. Nitrocellulose lacquers, water-based finishes, varnish, urethanes, enamel, latex for louver doors, trims and cabinets, and oil based paints. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-5 T-Series Air Cap Set 1.8mm – Green

High Output, Ideal for larger surfaces, and thicker layers. Catalyzed lacquers, primers, varnish, urethanes, enamel, industrial coating (higher viscosity), sealers, polyurethane, oil based paints, epoxy enamels, plastic, adhesives, floor paving paints, latex (walls), splatter paints and multi fleck paints. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-6 T-Series Air Cap Set 2.0mm – Red

High Output, Similar to the #5 but with more coverage. Ideal for larger surfaces, and thicker layers. Catalyzed lacquers, primers, varnish, urethanes, enamel, industrial coating (higher viscosity), sealers, polyurethane, oil based paints, epoxy enamels, plastic, adhesives, floor paving paints, latex (walls), splatter paints and multi fleck paints. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

5100-7 T-Series Air Cap Set 2.5mm – Teal

Extra High Output, Suitable for even larger areas/walls & ceilings. Ideal for fast coverage. Stone finish, texture coating, industrial primers, latex (walls and ceilings), high viscosity industrial coating and nitrate dope. FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUN ONLY.

#2039 – Cup Parts Kit

Fuji Cup Parts Kit

Kit includes wearable parts that you should always have on hand. Older Fuji Cups with the black-colored lid can be converted to use the 2038 Plastic Diaphragm. We have found that using this diaphragm in combination with the 2024 Pressure Tube/Check Valve, there is very little chance of the paint backup. This kit includes 2036 gaskets.  All the parts shown in the kit can be ordered separately (please see below). This Diaphragm is very effective at preventing paint entering the clear Pressure Tube. Please note* If you own a Gravity Cup you would order one of the following Gravity Cup Parts Kits:

 - For the 600cc Gravity Cup please order part # 2060 (600cc/1000cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit)

- For the 400cc Gravity Cup please order part # 2030 (400cc Gravity Cup Parts Kit)

#2024-5 Pressure Tube/Check Valves

Fuji Pressure Tube/Check Valves Pressure Tubes with Check Valves installed for any Fuji 1 Quart Cup Gun. Available only in packs of 5. These Tubes also fit older Fuji Spray Guns. If clogged, Check Valve cannot be taken apart but they can be soaked in thinner for up to 30 minutes to free any blockage. Please note* For the Gravity Cup you would order 2024L-5 Pressure Tube-Long.

#2036-5 Cup Gaskets

Fuji Cup Gaskets

The Diaphragm 2038 must be used with these Gaskets. Available only in packs of 5. Please note* If you own a Gravity Cup you would order one of the following Gravity Gaskets:

- For the 600cc Gravity Cup please order part # 9720-5 (600cc/1000cc Gravity Cup Gaskets)

- For the 400cc Gravity Cup please order part # 9050-5 (400cc Gravity Cup Gaskets)

#2038 – Plastic Diaphragms

Fuji Plastic Diaphragms

Tough and durable, the Diaphragms should last months (if not years) if care is taken sliding them down the Metal Fluid Tube. To remove them from the cup, grab the tab. The Air Hole in the Diaphragm should be positioned at the rear of the Cup (towards the handle). That is, unless you intend spraying upwards for any length of time. For spraying upwards, position the hole in the Diaphragm towards the front of the spray gun. The idea is to keep the hole out of the paint as much as possible. These Diaphragms, in combination with the Pressure Tube/Check Valve, cure the problem of paint backing up the Pressure Tube.

#9044-5 Paint Strainer

9044-5 Paint Strainers 5pack for web


Inexpensive Nylon Strainer fits at the end of the Metal Fluid Tube. Durable and long-lasting. Can be soaked in thinner to clean. Sold in packs of 5.



#3100 Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Lubricant

3100 19pc cleaning kit for web


Complete 19pc Spray Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Kit with Lubricant.

This is designed for all types of spray guns & equipment.

Includes an extra-long 12″ pick-up tube brush, HVLP brush, body cavity brush, detail end brush, nylon bristle parts brush, 5-pc. micro brush set, 6-pc. precision needle set, and spray gun lubricant.



3072 Wireless Remote for web#3072 Wireless Turbine Remote

Use this Turbine Remote to allow you to control the on/off of your Turbine.  There is no need to walk back and forth to your Turbine anymore.

This device will work from within a frequency range of 60 feet away. Its extends the lifetime of your Turbine motor. No setup. Just plug it in. 120v only.



#4009-2 Mini-Mite and DIY-PRO Series Turbine Filters

Fuji Mini-Mite Turbine Filters

Turbine Filters fit all Mini-Mite™, Semi-PRO 2™ and Hobby-PRO 2™ Model Turbines. Coarse Filter goes on the Right Hand Side (as seen when looking at the front of the Case) Fine Filter on the left. Please note* these Filters will not fit the Super Model or Q Model.


#5029 Q-Turbine Filter

Fuji Q-Turbine Filter

Turbine filter fits all Q-Series Turbines. Always ensure that upon installation, the Filter fills the whole Filter Enclosure. Use something like a screwdriver to lever the Filter into position. Please note* the Turbine does not have to be taken apart to remove or replace the Filter. This Filter is a friction fit – it can be replaced in seconds.


Recommended Reading/Video


Hand Finishing DVD Video


The Hand-Applied Finishes DVD Video

- Combines two videos from Jeff Jewitt, Coloring Wood and Applying Topcoats that were originally released as separate tapes as a companion to Hand Applied Finishes in 1997. Applying Topcoats won the Golden Hammer that year for Best How-To Video. In this 80 minute jam-packed DVD you will learn the complete finishing process, from preparing the wood to rubbing out the finish and doing minor repairs. Learn how to French Polish, use stains and glazes, brush different finishes and much more.

Spray Finishing Made Simple – NEW!

Jeff Jewitt’s latest and much anticipated release by the Taunton Press (publisher of Fine Woodworking Magazine). This project is a new concept in book publishing combining a feature and technique packed 45 minute DVD with a 125 page companion book.

In the book and DVD, Jeff explains how to choose Equipment, how to set it up and demystifies the entire spray-finishing process. Through this unique multimedia approach, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions, photos, and how-to video, readers learn where to safely spray finishes and how to troubleshoot and solve spray finishing problems. Both the book and the DVD cover a variety of spray systems, solvents and waterborne finishing products.

Understanding Wood Finishing – Available in Paperback
We have never endorsed a book before but this one is so good, we heartily recommend it to anyone. The Author, Bob Flexner has been finishing wood for more than 20 years. Bob spent 6 years learning the chemistry of finishing and has distilled this technical knowledge into practical information. Bob clears up confusion by debunking many myths about finishing. Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to read. A perfect addition to your library ! A Rodale Press Book.

Great Wood Finishes – Available in Paperback
An excellent book we would like you to know about. This is written by Jeff Jewitt, an author you may be familiar with from his previous book Applied Finishes. Detailed step-by-step instructions lead you through each technique with over 400 illustrations. Spraying is well covered. A Taunton Press Book. Please note: We do not actually sell books – please check with your local tool store or bookstore.

Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing – Another great book by Jeff Jewitt. The “Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing” is his latest release from the Taunton Press. This hardcover book has over 300 pages and 800 color photos and is the most up-to-date, comprehensive book on finishing wood ever published. This book covers both tried and true techniques like French Polishing right alongside more modern techniques such as spraying polyester and conversion varnish. You’ll learn about all the latest products and the tools to apply them, and techniques like toning, shading, sun-bursting, creative grain filling, and applying finishes, both by hand as well as spray. The book is organized for quick access which makes it easy to find each technique or topic.