Knowledge is Power! KWA’s Finishing Symposium 2014

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What’s the best way to learn all the tips and tricks in spray finishing? How about attending a couple of courses taught by everyday people like you and me who have tried every trick in the book and are willing to share their secrets?

Kingston Woodworkers Association did just that last April and Fuji Spray was a big part of this event.

A 2 Day Event

The KWA’s Finishing Symposium 2014 was a two-day event with 35 participants, several volunteer instructors, five sponsors and over thousands of dollars in prizes. The event focused on both hand-applied and spray finishing techniques available to the home-based and professional crafts person.

The 2 day event touched on a few great tips and techniques from wood surface preparations to spraying finishes to staining and dying plus many more incredible practices.

To view the entire 2 day Agenda & Presenters’ lists please click here


Attendees were even invited to try their hands at finishing using the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 system, a Mini-Mite 3 system, and a Q4 Gold system under the guidance of Marty Schlosser, KWA President.

What a treat! Nothing is better than having KWA’s President and a frequent author at Canadian Woodworking showing you the ropes.

Marty comes with over 30 years in designing and making custom furniture for residences, commercial establishments and charitable organizations.

Here are a few photos of the hands on practices attendees were able to experience at the KWA’s Finishing Symposium 2014.

DSCF2818 for web DSCF2837 for web     DSCF2800 for web

Knowledge is Power

You may think that you know all the “ins and outs” to finishing but even our customer service/technical staff were taught a thing or 2 in just a couple of days.

Here are a few of their thoughts about the Finishing Symposium 2014…

“I liked that a lot woodworking professionals came together and presented the different ways to work with wood and demonstrated the diverse ways of creating beautiful finishes. I got to appreciate the industry and workmanship involved in a handmade piece of furniture. What I’m taking from this is a great deal of knowledge and experience taught from those who have done this all of their lives. It’s a humbling experience having them to have shared this knowledge with us”.  -JB

“Not all wood finishers are created equal. Getting that professional finish has as much to do with the person behind the gun, as it does to the type of equipment they are using. The most surprising thing that I learned during the seminar is that sometimes you have to ignore what you know and experiment a little…”- DL

In the end we can all learn from each other and that is why attending seminars and networking with other in the same trade as you is a benefit. Why not try to attend at least one seminar a year.

Spray with Confidence!

Your Turn…

What are some of the best seminars or courses you have attended lately?

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