HVLP Components


The Fuji T-Series™ Spray Gun

The Fuji T-Series™ Spray Gun features an exclusive side-mounted Pattern Control Knob to adjust the size of the fan. This knob allows you to switch from small to large pattern or anywhere in between. Simply turn the knob counter-clockwise for a smaller pattern and clockwise for larger. This method provides full incremental adjustment of the fan size.

All Fuji T-Series Spray guns are Non-Bleed. This means that air passes through the spray gun only when the trigger is pulled. All newer Fuji Turbines are designed and built with a bleed-off inside the turbine to allow use of any Non-Bleed Spray gun.

The benefits of Non-Bleed include…

Less blowing around of shop dust and negligible turbulence in the spray area.

Less paint buildup on the tip of the Fluid Nozzle.

Spray gun noise (hiss of air) appears to be lessened, because now the hiss of air is intermittent.

T-Series Xray pic

The Spray gun features a Stay-Cool Nylon Handle (fitted over a metal tube), Stainless Steel Fluid Passages and an External Needle Packing Adjustment. The Knobs and Collar are metal. The Fan Pattern is adjustable from 1” to 15” from 8″ distance. Smaller than 1″ is achieved by moving closer to the object to be sprayed. The large fan size pattern depends upon viscosity – thinner liquids = larger fan pattern. You can obtain a professional finish with all known coatings. The Gun Body is CNC machined to aircraft tolerances.

Key Features include:

  • 20% Lighter
  • Sleeker design with easy pull trigger
  • Ergonomic
  • Well-balanced
  • Rear rotating nipple

The Gravity version has a center mounted gravity cup. There are also 4 different gravity cup sizes available for the T-75G Gravity Spray gun.

The High-Efficiency™ Aircap

The standard Aircap set size is 1.3mm for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex, water based coatings and more. Fuji Spray aircaps are designates as High Efficiency. Fuji R & D utilized computer Fluid Dynamics programs that yielded data suggesting improvements could be made to the angles and hole sizes in the Aircap. Once samples were made and tested, the Aircaps exceeded all expectations. The High-Efficency Aircaps provide the user with a cleaner spray pattern that results in less overspray and mist in the air.

5100 Aircap set web

A cleaner spray pattern amounts to less overspray. Less Overspray = More Savings!

Color Coding of T-Series aircap sizes is used to make aircap selection and changes much easier.

What Fuji has done is reduce the width of the actual fan pattern. If we take a vertical pattern, the height (let’s say 9″) stays exactly the same, but the width of the H, compared to standard Aircaps is much less. What’s the advantage of a ‘thinner-width’ fan pattern? Well, as you know, when you spray across a board, as you come off the edge, particles are spraying into the air and adding to the overspray (mist) in the air. But you have to continue holding down the trigger until you finally pass over the edge of the board. You cannot stop at the edge of the board but must follow through past the board. The wider the width of the fan pattern, the longer it takes to pass off the edge of the board. It is this extra width of fan pattern that is adding to the number of airborne particles with each pass. It becomes even more significant when you realize how many times you pass over the edge of a board when spraying a cabinet or piece of furniture. The Fuji High-Efficiency™ Aircap is an exclusive feature from Fuji.

Additional color-coded Aircap Sets are available.

With the Fuji spray gun, it’s easy to make spray pattern changes. To increase or decrease the size of the fan pattern, simply turn the side-mounted Pattern Control Knob on the side of the spraygun. On vertical or horizontal setting, the pattern can be varied from a small ROUND pattern to large vertical or horizontal and all increments in between..

To switch from horizontal to vertical pattern, loosen the Collar, position the Aircap and tighten. By controlling the amount of paint and air, you can even use the Fuji gun like an airbrush for subtle shading or touch-up. Reduce the amount of paint (at the Fluid Adjusting Knob) then turn the Pattern Control Knob to the smallest pattern and move as close as possible to the surface to be painted – you’ll find you can paint with a pattern as small as 1/4″.


All Fuji turbines are industrial-rated. The Turbine Motor is enclosed inside a durable, Heavy-Duty Steel Case. There is an easy-to-reach rocker switch and a separate Push-Button Breaker at the rear. The case exterior is protected (inside and out) with a baked, commercial powder-coated finish. Fuji manufactures HVLP Turbines with different voltages and power cord/plugs for export to all countries. Rubber feet protect the floor and help insulate against vibration.

The DIY-PRO 2™ Turbine
Fuji Semi Pro 2 Turbine

The Hobby-PRO 2 and Semi-PRO 2 Turbine Systems are 2-stage models. Fuji installs the most powerful 2-stage bypass turbine motor in its class which at a full 1400 watts has more than enough power to handle any type of coating. The Case is exactly the same high quality as our Mini-Mite Series. Filters are washable and are easily removed and replaced. Simply slide the Filter out from the bottom of the Filter Enclosure on either side of the case. A handy Gun Holder is situated on the top of the case.Hobby PRO Turbine Only - FINAL

The Mini-Mite™3 TurbineFuji Mini Mite 3 HVLP Turbine

The Mini-Mite 3™ Turbine System is a 3-stage model. Fuji installs the most powerful Turbine Motor in its class. Fuji uses this same motor in the popular Super 3 and Q3 Turbines. The case is powder-coated Heavy-Duty Steel to last a lifetime. Two washable Filters, one coarse, one fine are installed. For years, experts have recommended that 3-stage as being the minimum size turbine for spraying the newer water-based/borne coatings. However, as noted above, our 2-stage is a full 1400 watt motor that can be used to spray all type of coatings (when thinned appropriately). These coatings are formulated using a higher solids content that demand more power. The MM3 is a professional, industrial-rated turbine

The Mini-Mite™4 TurbineFuji Mini Mite 4 HVLP Turbine

The Mini-Mite 4™ Turbine System is identical to the MM3 but with a more powerful 4-stage turbine motor installed. We recommend the 4-stage for heavier paints (although you still have to thin – please check our Technical Page) such as Latex House Paint (Emulsion).


The Fuji Super3-GOLD™ and The Fuji Super4-GOLD™ Quiet Series

Fuji Super3 Gold TurbineFuji Super4 Gold Turbine


The Super Turbine Series were discontinued in July 2013. Over the years users looking for a quieter turbine chose the Q Models over the Super Model.

The Fuji Spray Q Model Turbine is for those who simply want the best!


The Fuji Q-GOLD™ Series QUIET Turbines

The most desirable feature for any Turbine is to have it as quiet as possible. Except for the noise level, the HVLP Turbines from all makers are essentially the same. A standard Turbine sounds like a very loud vacuum cleaner. The noise level of a standard turbine is so loud, that over time it contributes to hearing loss. Many woodworkers use ear protection so the standard noisy turbine is not a problem but if you have a smaller shop and do not use ear protection (or have employees working in the same shop) we recommend choosing a model from Q-GOLD Series.
Fuji Q-Gold Turbine
Fuji has reduced Turbine noise levels by over 50% without causing any unwanted side effects such as overheating or air restriction. No… Fuji does not surround the Turbine Motor with soundproofing foam – this would simply cause overheating. The method used by Fuji allows the Turbine Motor to sit in an all-metal enclosure the way that standard turbines do. The Fuji Quiet Turbines have Computer-Designed Airflow Configurations that completely eliminate the ‘Direct Sound Paths’ found on ALL low to mid-priced HVLP Turbine Systems available today. Direct sound paths are responsible for the noise factor. Noise is reduced to less than 50% of previous levels. In fact, when the Fuji Q-Turbine is placed across the room, the low hiss of air passing through the spray gun is more noticeable than the turbine. Fuji Quiet turbines are protected by US Patent No.6644913.

At 15ft the Q3 PRO Turbine is only 62 dba, at 20ft it is 59 dba. At 15ft the Q4 PRO Turbine is only 61 dba, at 20ft it is 58 dba. Compare this to a standard Turbine (from any maker) at 79 dba from 15ft and 77 dba from 20ft. Normal Conversation is 60 dba.

If excessive noise is a problem for you, please consider spending a little more for a Q-GOLD Series™ Turbine. There are no quieter Turbines on the market today.

The Q3 GOLD ™ QUIET TurbineFuji Q3 Gold Quiet Turbine

The Q3 GOLD ™ Turbine is a 3 stage model. As noted above it has the added benefit of even more noise reduction. The Patented Quiet turbine has only one large washable filter.

The Q4 GOLD ™ QUIET TurbineFuji Q4 Gold Quiet Turbine

The Q4 GOLD ™ turbine is identical to the Q3 GOLD ™ but with the more powerful 4-stage turbine motor installed. Recommended for Painters and Decorators spraying latex house paint most of the time. Extra pressure allows for less thinning.

The Fuji HI-FLEX™ HoseFuji Hi-Flex Hose

The Fuji Hi-Flex™ hose is standard with all Fuji Spray Systems. The solid plastic hoses typical with most HVLP turbine systems are hard and stiff making the spray gun difficult to maneuver. The Hi-Flex™ Hose is not only flexible at different temperatures, it will stay flexible over the years (unlike the plastic hoses that become stiffer with age due to the emission of plasticizers).

The Air Control Valve And Quick ConnectFuji Air Control Value

Fuji installs the Air Control Valve right where it should be – at your fingertips. Use it to instantly reduce overspray and bounceback.

When would you use the Air Control Valve? Well, for instance, when you have thinned the product properly (so that it levels and smoothes on its own) you can then turn down the amount of air a little at a time until it starts to affect the finish. Once it affects the finish, you have gone too far. Simply tweak it back to where the coating levels out and looks good. This is the point where there is the least overspray possible with any type of spraygun. Don’t worry if the atomized particles are larger – it doesn’t matter so long as the finish levels nicely. Usually you would set the Air Control Valve and then leave it set for whole project. But if you are spraying a cabinet or shelf with the back already installed, you may need to adjust to a smaller pattern size and turn the air down even more to reduce ‘bounceback’. This can be done mid way through the spray job.

With the air control conveniently located at the gun, there is no need to walk 20ft over to the turbine to turn down the air. With less pressure, there is less velocity, so the spray will not be bouncing back into your face as it would be if you were trying to do the same job with a high pressure gun. Please learn to use the Air Control Valve – it is a great tool for reducing excessive overspray.

The Quick Connect/Disconnect easily attaches or detaches your spray gun from the hose. This “must have” item is included in all Fuji Spray systems.