Customer Reviews on the XPC & GXPC Spray Guns

Customer Reviews on the XPC & GXPC Spray Guns


In July 2013 Fuji Spray transitioned from the XPC™ to the new and improved T-Series™ Spray Gun Model. When this change to the new model occurred, regrettably all posted reviews on several websites were removed due to the change in part number and model name.

Fortunately we were able to collect ALL customer reviews posted on the Amazon site for the XPC™ Series.

Please note that this is the entire list and reviews were not sorted or excluded.

We are pleased to find that almost all reviews have been awarded a 4 star or 5 star rating.

To view all the reviews from Amazon, please click on the link below.


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Here are a few of the reviews posted on Amazon….


9600-4 Fuji XPC™ Spray Gun:

5 Star Review -  December 30, 2012 – by Veronica Clark

“My husband is a cabinet maker and he uses this to spray a stain on the cabinets and to spray a clear coat on them. He really likes it and the quality is as he expected.”


9600-G Fuji G-XPC™ Spray Gun:

5 Star Review – July 16, 2010 – by Victor J Cubes

“There is not much to say, this tool is great. It does the job it was designed for very well. Setup is very easy, cleaning is easy and quick…”

5 Star Review – February 16, 2012 – by Justin

“I’m very impressed with this gun to say the least. Fuji put a lot of thought into making this gun. It is balanced very nicely thanks to the lower profile cup. The adjustments work great and you can get a really fine spray with this gun. Every part is precision engineered on this thing. It just feels quality in your hands….”


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