Customer Reviews on the Q™-Series

Customer Reviews on the Q™-Series


In July 2013 Fuji Spray transitioned from the XPC™ to the new and improved T-Series™ Spray Gun Model. When this change to the new model occurred, regrettably all posted reviews on several websites were removed due to the change in part number and model name.

Fortunately we were able to collect ALL customer reviews posted on the Amazon site for the XPC™ Series.

Please note that this is the entire list and reviews were not sorted or excluded.

We are pleased to find that almost all reviews have been awarded a 4 star or 5 star rating.

To view all the reviews from Amazon, please click on the link below.

Q3 Gold


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Here are a few of the reviews posted on Amazon….


3003-XPC Q3 Gold™ Turbine System:

5 Star Review – August 24, 2010 – by Allen Knack

“I used this sprayer to spray lacquer on some bunk beds I built. The spray pattern was excellent and the turbine was quiet compared to other units. This is the first time I used the HVLP system and am completely satisfied…


2893-GXPC Q3 Gold™ Turbine System:

5 Star Review – January 31, 2011 – by Yamina

“Everyone should have one. The paint goes on so evenly and effortlessly! The process is fast & the pain dries fast…I will never hold a paint brush or roller again.”


3004-XPC Q4 Gold™ Turbine System:

5 Star Review – November 2, 2010- by Carol A. Norton

“Product is easy to handle, in hindsight, would have gotten the spray gun with the attachment on the top but it is quiet with very little over spray so easy to use indoors. Would definitely purchase again and look forward to refinishing furniture.”

5 Star Review – January 25, 2012 – by A. Weinstock “Rojo”

“I used it to finish guitars with water based finished (I got the #3 needle). Easy to use, easy to clean, and great  results. Noise, what noise? Very happy with it.”


 2894-GXPC Q4 Gold™ Turbine System:

5 Star Review – February 14, 2011 – by Kaleb

“I bought the Q4 Gold to spray latex on all of the trim in my house I was remodeling. I have to say the Q4 lays down the smoothest latex finish I have ever seen. I would recommend this sprayer to anyone. On top of that, I contacted Fuji with a couple of questions and they responded back immediately within a few minutes by telephone! In today’s day and age, its absolutely wonderful to find superior customer service still exists.”


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