Customer Reviews – Mini Mite™ Series

Customer Reviews on the Mini Mite™ Series


In July 2013 Fuji Spray transitioned from the XPC™ to the new and improved T-Series™ Spray Gun Model. When this change to the new model occurred, regrettably all posted reviews on several websites were removed due to the change in part number and model name.

Fortunately we were able to collect ALL customer reviews posted on the Amazon site for the XPC™ Series.

Please note that this is the entire list and reviews were not sorted or excluded.

We are pleased to find that almost all reviews have been awarded a 4 star or 5 star rating.


To view all the reviews from Amazon, please click on the link below.


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Here are a few of the reviews posted on Amazon….


2903-XPC Mini Mite™ 3 Turbine System:

5 Star Review  – June 5,2011 – by K.Schuster

“I though it was pricey, but after receiving it and using it, it’d definitely worth it. Every part fits perfectly and is nicely finished. It’s easy to use and clean, and comfortable to hold…and does what it’s supposed to do, exactly as advertised.”

5 Star Review – December 18, 2011 – by jwcontracting

“Great Investment! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great spraying system. I haven’t sprayed poly for years but this system was different and so easy to use.”

5 Star Review – May 20, 2013 – by Jack in the Keys

“I bought this product to spray kitchen cabinet doors initially and any other small spray jobs that came up. It did an excellent job on the cabinets doors. I used to spray with a compressor based gun and had to deal with all the overspray. The portability of this unit makes transport and set a breeze. I would recommend this product to a friend. The noise of the turbine is minor, it’s no louder than my shop vac and comparable to a running compressor.”


2803-GXPC Mini Mite™ 3 Turbine System:

5 Star Review – August 8, 2011 – by David Pederson

“I picked up this sprayer without having had any experience using HVLP. It’s dead simple to use and I’ve gotten great results so far. I’ve used it with water-based poly and the included #3 tip. I had minor issues with runs at first, but that was due to operator error and was no fault of the sprayer. Clean-up have been very easy, and I like the fact that you can clean the gun even when it isn’t attached to the air supply. This setup is well worth the money.”

5 Star Review – December 6, 2012 – by rmichael51

“I am a professional finisher and I have not been a big fan of HVLP’s in the past but this system is the exception. The High quality unit and pressurized gravity feed cup ( that swivels) makes the difference. We shoot water borne lacquers so u purchased the #3 cap set that is ideal for this materials or materials that are intended for spray. I would recommend this system to anyone that is serious about finishes. Fuji also has the absolute BEST customer service in the industry.”


2904-XPC Mini Mite™ 4 Turbine System:

5 Star Review – May 14, 2010 – by Bob M

“I purchased an MM4 back in 2008 and couldn’t be happier with the product and Fuji’s customer service…Overall, its well built and I have every expectation that it will perform well for years…Fuji’s customer service is also excellent…I couldn’t be happier with this product and have no qualms about recommending it.”

5 Star Review – February 23, 2012 – by kdpky

” I had never used an HVLP sprayer before purchasing this one. After much research and reading reviews, I determined that this Fuji sprayer was the best one overall and the price was reasonable in comparison with other of the same caliber….”


 2904-XPC Mini Mite™ 4 Turbine System:

5 Star Review – Spetember 4, 2012 – by presont2090

“I bought this spray paint, stain and lacquer on trim, furniture and cabinets. It works great. Produces a very fine finish. I do recommend the whip hose for added flexibility.”

5 Star Review – March 10, 2013 – by edb

“Great product at a great price, highly recommend. The unit functioned flawless and the spray control via air/media volume and spray pattern are all easy to adjust, with high quality results.”


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