Clean Filters = Good Performance!

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How and when should I clean my turbine filter?

There is no quick answer but a thorough cleaning of your system should be done periodically. As mentioned in a previous blog, it’s a good habit to clean your spray system at the end of each work session or project completion. It only takes a few minutes and in the end will ensure that your turbine lasts you a long time. When it comes to the filters, it is also good to clean them after a few uses and especially before you pack the system into storage.

 Clean Filter(s) are a Must!

Clean filters are critical to good performance and turbine durability.

Fuji Spray turbine units are built with a durable metal powder coated case that needs virtually no maintenance. Periodically the turbine filters should be examined to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Dirty filters will reduce the power blown through the motor. Overtime, this may cause the turbine to overheat reducing the life of the motor.

Dirty filters also play a huge role in spray performance and quality.

Due for a clean

 Cleaning your filters

First and foremost, always unplug your Fuji Spray turbine system when cleaning.

Try to use pressurized air to blow out the excess dust and dirt found within them.

Soak the filters in warm water for a few minutes, and then rinse them out in clean water.

Before placing the filters back into the turbine case, please ensure that they are completely dry.

Fuji Tip…Always have a second or third set of extra filters on hand. This will eliminate you having to wait for your filters to dry before completing or starting a new project.

Time for new filters!

If you can’t clean them any longer and the dust and dirt can’t be removed, it’s time to retire the filters and replace them with new ones. Don’t push the issue, remember that good performance is connected to the quality you aim to spray with.

time to replace

Thank you!

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Your Turn!

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